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Success Stories

In the book, The Art of Innovation, its author Tom Kelly challenged its readers with “Show me a company going places and I’ll show you a story worth telling. If your company has been doing some neat stuff or has got big plans for the future, it’s probably got a place for show-and-tell.”

At Manila Institute for Culinary Arts and Residential Services, the success stories of its graduates have become its show-and-tell. Perhaps the distinct advantage of the two years of the school’s dualized training is that it allowed the school administrators to document the “before” and “after” of its students in a rather short period of time.

Moreover, the remarkable results may have been heightened by the stark contrast of their students’ simple backgrounds and the strength of their moral convictions that nothing beats hard work, and their gratitude to repay their benefactors for the two great years spent in the program.

Student Life at MICARS is best understood after hearing the testimonies of its graduates namely Cherry Mae Dacawe (from Ifugao), Mary Dordas-Quiboy (from Iloilo), Marilyn Bautista-Ponce (from Manila)

We Came a Long Distance to find God in the Pots and Pans

By Cherry Mae Dacawe

Homesickness Propelled Her to Excel

By Maryle Dordas-Quiboy

The Hospitality Training Paved the Way to Success

By Marilyn Baustista-Ponce