Homesickness Propelled Her to Excel

By Maryle Dordas-Quiboy

Food and beverage services in Manila are a big thing nowadays. There are many restaurants that mushroomed in the city in a short space of time. You see one at every corner. Hence, I knew working in a restaurant can be my ticket out of dire straits. Below is the story of my journey.

I am Maryle Dordas-Quiboy, 28 years old, a graduate of Manila Institute for Culinary Arts and Residential Services (MICARS), of batch 2006. I wouldn’t know where I would be now if not for MICARS.

We are nine in the family and my parents were not well-to-do. I knew that my chances of going to college were quite slim. My ultimate dream before was to finish studies even in a vocational school and find a good job so I can give back to my parents a better life than what they had.

After a year of study in Tawili Training Center in Iloilo City, I was fortunate to be sent to Manila for the two-year certificate course in MICARS. Despite the homesickness – or perhaps because of it – I mustered the courage to be better in school. Working while studying was not easy for me. But through dogged perseverance to fulfill my dream, nothing was impossible.

MICARS taught me how to take care of little things. I learned to be independent in the sense of standing on my own feet but always mindful of learning from the others. With the skills I learned through the culinary arts course, MICARS made a big impact in my life. Now I consider myself “rich,” maybe not in terms of money or material things but rich in skills and in God’s love. Through the years, I learned that being successful is in doing one’s job with love and perfection. Since my OJT, I have worked in many establishments such as Makati Skyline, T-House Hotel in Tagaytay, and Kusitina Homemade Cakes, and I’m proud to say that I am a MICARS graduate, heads and shoulders with the rest of my colleagues from other schools.

(Some of the pastries that MICARS students learned to make.)

I currently work at Papa Diddi’s Handcrafted Ice Cream as team supervisor and production personnel. And I’m happily married and with a son and another one on the way (at the time of this writing). Nevertheless, even if I have my own family now, I have never forgotten my dream for my parents. Recently, I was able to buy back our farm which we sold when my father became very sick. We needed the money for his medication. Now that we have recovered from financial difficulties, I continue sending them money to support the studies of my siblings.

My life has been far more enriched by meeting the good people of MICARS. My gratitude goes as well to the Patrons who have tirelessly mobilized funds for our scholarships. You give us hope and you make our lives complete!

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