From 2020, FPTI-MICARS will no longer be offering its educational programs as a result of the reorganization of its Foundation-owner FPTI’s projects. Please be directed as follows:

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For more than 20 years, MICARS has taken several measures to benefit many young women who have few opportunities to obtain good skills training that make them job-ready within a short span of time.

After several experiments trying new and creative ways to raise funds, we have put in place not just a remarkable educational program but windows of opportunities for our benefactors to experience the joys of seeing our vision gradually achieved.

Now, individuals and businesses can contribute their time, resources and expertise in elevating home-skills to world-class standards or putting the care of the home to women and in the process we nurture society. This is an aspiration of St Josemaria Escriva that we want to promote more extensively through and from the work of our students, trainers, staff, and industry partners.

Whether you would like to take in our scholars for their on-the-job training, host a donation drive at your workplace, volunteer your expertise at our fundraising event (i.e. lunch-for-a-cause which happens twice a year), or sponsor their scholarships, there’s always room for everyone at MICARS to be more generous and experience a 100% ROI (Results that Overflowed with more Ideas) such as the ones below.

Sign up as an Industry Partner

Host scholars as on-the-job trainees in restaurant, bakeshop, hotel and other hospitality and foodservice institutions for 350 to 700 hours per year. The industry partners play an important role in providing the necessary exposure of the trainees to the actual work setting. Furthermore, they fulfill their corporate social responsibility (CSR) by contributing to the scholarship fund. Good news! The scholarships from partners are tax-deductible because MICARS is a donee institution registered with the Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC). Fill out the form here.

Sponsor a Scholar

A young woman is a success story waiting to begin. Your help makes it happen.

When a poor but deserving young woman comes to MICARS, we see lots of promise. And hope.

We see in her a skilled young chef or a dedicated housekeeping staff who will make a difference in the culinary and institutional services industry. For she will infuse her work with commitment, diligence and Christian values from her training.

You can make a difference in her life by supporting the school’s Scholarship Program. The cost of training per student per semester is thirty thousand pesos (P30,000). Any amount that you can share will go a long way.

With the programs at MICARS, we hope to empower this young woman to be financially self-sufficient.

As a graduate, it will help her in building a lifelong career and a better future for herself and her family.

Be part of this successful life story.

Donate In-kind

Interested in donating school items? We welcome donations that will help the students in their classes. These may be ingredients, tools & books for cooking and baking, or supplies for cleaning and laundry. You may also be a donor of fabric material for their uniforms. Click here for the form.

Be a Volunteer

If you are fluent in a certain language such as French or Chinese and you think it will be worthwhile teaching a few phrases to help the scholars appreciate the language and the culture, please email us about it. We also welcome resource persons who can train in key areas of hospitality such as culinary nutrition, international cuisine, service operations, etiquette and social graces, and people management. If you have current knowledge on trends and latest skills that will be helpful for our students and staff, your expertise is most welcome.

If you are good at organizing events, or taking photos and videos and turning them into quality videos, or you are a good writer, social media analyst or an artist that produces printed collaterals, you will be much needed in our fundraising events such as the twice-a-year lunch-for-a-cause. You may also volunteer as the guest chef, the food stylist, or the lead marketing advocate of the fundraising campaign by clicking here.

There is always room for everyone who wants to help MICARS. For more information about making a donation or volunteering your time and resources, please email Ma. Rowena Nazareno, MICARS School Director, at or contact her at +63 2 5229140.